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Live Entertainment Booking

Please fill out the form featured below in order to confirm your booking.

Live Entertainment Booking Form

By clicking YES below, I agree to the information listed above. I also authorize this action as my signature and authorization.

I understand I am expected to put everything back to its original place and ensure the music for the restaurant is in working order before I leave.

I understand I am expected to promote my act on my social media and amongst friends and family as the lack of attendance will eliminate my act returning to La Fromagerie.

I understand that I am expected to send a photo and the requested information to La Fromagerie at least THREE WEEKS prior to my event date. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of my event.

La Fromagerie offers TWO complimentary non-alcoholic, bar rail or domestic beer to each member of the band for no more than four members. No food will be provided.

15 + 6 =